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March 27, 2017

Ditch the Tourists with These Hidden D.C. Treasures

Despite its relatively small size, there’s no shortage of fun and amazing things to do in Washington, DC. The Nation’s Capital happens to be our home turf here at DC Vacation Homes. Because of this, we want to offer you some of the best, yet lesser-known, attractions available in the area. Here are a few places that should appeal to newcomers and returning travelers alike.

Head to DC’s Botanic Garden

At first glance, a trip to a botanic garden may not sound very appealing, especially if you’re from a large city with a garden of its own. However, our botanic garden features a most unusual sight that’s definitely worth checking out while you’re living in homes for rent in DC. Our botanic garden features one of the few existing corpse flowers on American soil. You’ll recognize it not only by its distinctive scent, but also its massive size. There are few other places where you can witness such a beautiful spectacle of nature!

Check Out the Presidential Cottage

Much like today’s proprietors of DC house rentals, President Lincoln happened to own a cottage within city borders. This cottage is still intact today, and can be visited and toured publicly. Rumor has it the cottage is also haunted, creating double the appeal for ghost enthusiasts. Even if ghosts aren’t your thing, the cottage is worth checking out just to get a rare glimpse of history.

Tour the Embassy Row Neighborhood

It should serve as no surprise that DC is filled to the brim with presidential memorabilia and anecdotes. Another great travel choice of this variety is Embassy Row, a neighborhood formerly inhabited by Woodrow Wilson and currently populated by all sorts of government officials with colorful stories of their own. Beyond the stories, visiting Embassy Row will give you the chance to witness some of the most beautiful pieces of residential architecture within the country.

Browse the Library of Congress

What could be a better place to spend the day than the record holder for biggest library in the world? The true pièce de résistance, however, rests on the sixth floor of the James Madison Memorial Building. There you’ll find a cafeteria outfitted not only with scrumptious food, but gorgeous outdoor views stretching out beyond the room’s full-length windows.

Whether you’re simply visiting the city or are on the hunt for house rentals in DC, you deserve to enjoy yourself! Contact us to learn more about everything Washington, DC has to offer.

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