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Our Affordable Homes will Comfort You

The last thing we want our Guest to worry about is where to find a clean, comfortable and reasonably priced home.  This is the reason we founded DC Vacation Home; because all of our homes are in The District.  Therefore, our guests spend less time commuting and more time enjoying all that Washington, DC has to offer.

We’ve been renting homes since 2007 and have earned excellent reviews from hundreds of travelers.  We are proud to say that 20% of our guests are return customers.

Our Furnished Homes will Amaze You

We offer fully stocked homes for 3 days, 3 months or how ever long you need. Our bedrooms are furnished with professionally laundered white linen, the bathrooms are furnished with essential items and the kitchens are fully stocked. Our homes feature excellent customer service at reasonable prices.  Our homes are all located inside of Washington DC with easy access to many places of interest.

Our FREE Parking (at some homes) will Excite You

We offer FREE Parking at some of our homes and we direct you to reasonably priced garaged parking at our other homes.  Most of our homes are located within walking distance of the Washington, DC Metro Train and Bus lines.  The next time you plan to spend a few days in DC, spend them with us.  Please browse our locations.